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    Community-based learning is a way for students to actively connect their academic work with direct experience in the community. By combining hands-on work in the community with the academic framework provided by the curriculum, students gain a rich experience of social issues. Students learn about the workings of community; encounter differences related to race, class, and privilege; gain a deeper understanding about social justice; and are able to do work that is beneficial to others. They also gain a greater understanding of themselves.

    Community-based learning emphasizes academic rigor, reflection, and developing ongoing community partnerships. All academic disciplines and divisions (humanities, social sciences, sciences, and the arts) can integrate community-based learning practices.

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    Goucher College's Community-Based Learning Program offers opportunities in these areas.

    There are many ways to get involved with Community-Based Learning and social justice programs.

    Our programs support organizations throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County. These opportunities range from weekly and ongoing volunteer programs to credit-bearing Community-Based Learning courses, and also include the community-based programs lead by members of student clubs, athletic teams, and other campus groups. Goucher offers weekly volunteer programs that span from tutoring in Baltimore City schools to organic gardening on local farms.

    Please contact Lindsay K. Johnson ’05, M.Ed. '13, France-Merrick Director (410-337-6262, lijohnso@africanhuntingsafaris.net), if you have any questions about community-based opportunities or would like to know more about a federal work study position within the Community-Based Learning Program.